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I’m Simone Silvestroni 👋

I design and code accessible websites since 1998, now using Jekyll and WordPress.


I’ve worked on many projects since the 1990s. The following are a selection of highlights.

HTML and CSS responsive carousel in Jekyll

I built a photogallery carousel in pure HTML and CSS featuring responsive images and touch controls for mobile devices.

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Minutes to Midnight

Why my current website, built with Jekyll and Netlify, eclipses the previous one on IA, performance, sustainability and maintenance.

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Silvia Maggi Design

Silvia Maggi is a UX designer striving to create meaningful digital experiences. Built with Jekyll and Bootstrap 5, deployed to Netlify.

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No Slack Day

A yearly reminder of how Slack can also be distracting and counter-productive. Built with Jekyll, Bootstrap 5 and Github Pages.

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A pioneer of ratings and reviews services for brands and retailers. Built on WordPress with custom plug-ins and Salesforce integration.

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A leading European bank with a network spanning 50 markets. The brief: re-design their landing pages for new customer acquisitions.

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A modern workflow for the multi-device web

A process analysis that has led UI Farm Ltd to their workflow for delivering modern web solutions.

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Simone Silvestroni

I design and code accessible websites using Jekyll or WordPress since 1998.

Simone Silvestroni


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