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I’m Simone Silvestroni 👋

I design and code accessible websites since 1998, now using Jekyll and WordPress.

Note: 1 December 2022

Minutes to Midnight's avatar

@Zinzy I love how I can visit your website almost daily and expect some nice design change :) In my experience, granular Indieweb content isn’t that exciting. I ended up on Mastodon to open myself to have a diverse kind of group of people with whom I could interact, after trying (unsuccessfully) to blindly apply the Indieweb principles like a dogma. Maybe it was just a wrong approach, but I’m sure I disliked the feeling of an extremely tight tech bubble where people speak one language and I couldn’t fully understand the whole scope. Plus, seeing an infinite list of likes, reposts and whatnot gave me a feeling of “this is like Twitter but for devs”.

I’ve just finished implementing a dark mode and I’m quite happy with it. I’ve done it for myself first and foremost (I was blinded by the white background at night), but also as a user I like when websites gracefully turn the lights off after a certain time of the day.

Finally, I loved your super brutalist design last week. I think you can do whatever you want, but I’ll always like your website and that’s because of the content.