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I’m Simone Silvestroni 👋

I design and code accessible websites since 1998, now using Jekyll and WordPress.


A manifesto of what I adhere to in terms of privacy, design, web architecture and the software I use.

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The website doesn’t collect personal data, it doesn’t run analytics software, it doesn’t have ads, affiliate links or tracking. Unless you tell me, there is no way to know you’ve been here.

A full content security policy ↗ have been implemented.


I subscribe to the brutalist design manifesto by David Bryant Copeland.

A website is for a visitor, using a browser, running on a computer to read, watch, listen, or perhaps to interact. A website that embraces Brutalist Web Design is raw in its focus on content, and prioritization of the website visitor.— Brutalist Web Design

In line with a minimalist approach, fighting against bloatware means that this website keeps resources at the bare minimum. It doesn’t weigh on broadband and electricity with useless scripts, tracking, ads or pointless stock photos.

Website architecture

By adopting an SSG as the dynamic engine to build a static website, I pursue fighting webwaste. The impressive reduction in size, compared to the previous version, is 724 MB.

Technical details about the website architecture


Part of Indieweb, the website is capable of sending and receiving webmentions, a quasi-web standard for replying, liking and reposting other people’s posts on their websites.

Small web

Most websites today are built like commercial products by professionals and marketers, optimised to draw the largest audience, generate engagement and ‘convert’. But there is also a smaller, less-visible web designed by regular people to simply to share their interests and hobbies with the world. A web that is unpolished, often quirky but often also fun, creative and interesting.— Parimal Satyal

I used to be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. That’s gone, since 2020. I’m only on Mastodon and Airwiggles now.


After stopping being attached to a particular brand, becoming system agnostic has become second nature.

Pretty much all the software I use, with rare exceptions, can be installed and run from any operating system.

I don’t use illegal software.

Subscriptions and walled gardens

A software business model based on a subscription doesn’t get attention from me. Similarly, I don’t subscribe to an ecosystem. Albeit slightly less convenient, it gives me considerable freedom.

I’m more than happy to support FOSS projects and brilliant companies such as Cockos Incorporated, makers of Reaper, and Sublime HQ Pty Ltd, makers of Sublime Text: small but solid entities that can move swiftly when needed, with a well-thought model that doesn’t rip off customers.

None of them have a marketing department shoving ads everywhere.


I’m opposed to updates for the sake of it. It means that I only follow security updates, bug fixes and actual new useful features.

At the same time, I stopped caring for any arbitrary yearly cycle of forced upgrades. If it’s part of a planned obsolescence strategy, it can stay out.

Updated: 11 January 2023

Simone Silvestroni

I design and code accessible websites using Jekyll or WordPress since 1998.

Simone Silvestroni


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