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I’m Simone Silvestroni πŸ‘‹

I design and code accessible websites since 1998, now using Jekyll and WordPress.


In the early 1990s, I started a side job in the publishing industry while graduating as a professional musician. A decade later I learned web design, fascinated by code as a digital evolution of my past experience with the printed page.

As a web designer, in line with my origins, I still strive for minimalism. With a vast experience in front-end development and some back-end, UI design and custom WordPress systems, my main focus is on accessibility and sustainability through a relentless stack optimization. My current main development tool is Jekyll with its Liquid template language, while I design using Sketch and/or Figma.

I also have a parallel career in audio as a professional musician, producer and game sound designer that I carry out under the moniker Minutes to Midnight.

Check out my audio work β†’

Other interests

An avid reader, I follow recent tech trends through online media, Mastodon, workshops and newsletters. Trivia: I have a longstanding obsession fascination for typography.

Constantly looking for a way to complete a task in less and more efficient steps, I ended up writing an ebook about project management.

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  • Simply put, Simone is one of the finest, and most passionate front-end developers that I have every come across. His knowledge on UI and UX is vast and combine this with his front-end development skills, he is one of the finest front end developers out there. It was a pleasure to manage and work with Simone and I hope to get the chance again in the future.

    Neil Kenneth Palmer β€” VP of product development at C6 Marketing
  • Simone was an integral member of our team. His passion for the web and careful and persistent work ethic meant that he delivered consistently above expectations. His initiative is impressive. His experience makes him an expert in his field; has a firm understanding of front end web. With his sharp sense of humor, he would make a wonderful addition to any web team!

    Michelle Anderson β€” staff engineer at Deliveroo
  • My experience of working with Simone has always been very positive and enjoyable. Simone always takes a pragmatic and investigative approach to finding solutions for our needs and has very friendly and helpful attitude. His attention to detail makes him always deliver perfect coded products, saving us time and concerns on the web projects he develops.

    Gabriele Rosati β€” UX and interaction design manager at UniCredit

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  • Member of IWA
  • Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference, 2010, London
  • PHP development course by HTML.IT, 2009, Milan

About the website

I’ve been managing all my activies under the moniker Minutes to Midnight β€” the name I’d trademarked in the UK in 2017. As a consequence of the decision to split audio and web work, I bought my personal domain and moved the web design related content in here.

The website has been developed from scratch using:

Accessibility and sustainability

No errors for WCAG detected on WAVE and 100 scored on Google Lighthouse.

Only 0.04g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits the homepage, which is cleaner than 96% of web pages tested. The website is running on sustainable energy.

I do not request third-party resources, except for the blog posts, which are calling to render web mentions.

Member of the 512kb club and the 1Mb club. The markup is valid, the homepage loads in 0.4 seconds and weighs 250KB (uncompressed).

More about my ethical choices β†’

The text content of this website is Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). It means you are free to share β€” copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, adapt β€” remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

Updated: 22 November 2022

Simone Silvestroni

I design and code accessible websites using Jekyll or WordPress since 1998.

Simone Silvestroni


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